Ukip Candidate Dr Jonathon Munday Apologises For Accusing Constituent Of Being STD Ridden

A Ukip parliamentary candidate and doctor has been forced to apologise for accusing a constituent have having "piles and STDs".

Dr Jonathon Munday, who is the party's chopeful for Wellingborough & Rushden, got into a heated debate on Twitter about policy on the NHS.

Munday was accused of not caring about the service after stating his stance on new migrants claiming for medical care.

Munday was then accused of failing to elaborate on his points.

Which provoked this rather unrestrained response.

Munday told the Huffington Post: "After a long day in the surgery and after working 31 years as a GP in the NHS, yesterday I received several unsolicited tweets from people, who were not constituents or patients, who didn't know me, who impugned my support for the NHS and my caring as a doctor just because I support UKIP's sensible policies for the protection and development of the NHS and they disagreed with them.

"I issued an intemperate but jokey response, which I now regret and withdraw.

"My anger had been compounded because one of the tweeters was using as an avatar a picture "Germania 1914" which was a recruiting poster for the Kaiser's armies in WW1 and, in this year in particular, I regard that as highly offensive to the sacrifice of our soldiers that died for this country.

"I regret letting myself get angry with them and will now concentrate on getting even with Ukip's result in the General Election."

A spokesperson for Ukip said: "Dr Munday accepts that his response was foolish, and apologises for that, but after a long day in his surgery he was annoyed by false carping claims that he didn't care for the NHS. He feels that his 30 years as a GP stands for itself in his support for the NHS and our healthcare system."

Ukip bosses are well aware of their members incredibly poor record on social media. Last month they banned them from using the party logo without written consent.

The party's chairman, Steve Crowther, went a step further and advised against sites like Facebook and Twitter altogether.

He said: "My advice: just don't.

"I have no Facebook page, Twitter account or Instagram thingy. It’s lovely."

In addition to high-profile figures such as André Lampitt tweeting racist or homophobic remarks, the changes to the Ukip constitution aim to tackle a growing problem of low-level supporters hampering the party's image.

Immediate suspension is threatened as a punishment for "embarrassing" the party.

(h/t EDLNews and SLATUKIP)

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