We Try Clubbercise, The Dance Fitness Class With Glow Sticks, That Burns 500 Calories

When I first heard about Clubbercise - billed as the exercise class "that feels more like a night out", I have to admit, I was more than a little bit sceptical.

Dancing in the dark, waving round glow sticks with a bunch of people you don't know while stone cold sober sounds like a rave gone terribly wrong.

But here's a nice surprise.

Rachel Moss Getting Sticky With It

For those uninitiated, Clubbercise is an energetic and upbeat dance aerobic workout where the instructors turn off all the lights and hand out glow sticks.

You can burn up to 500 calories in a 60-minute session and classes are available in dance studios, schools and village halls nationwide.

I joined a class by GNC Group Fitness run by Geri Masucci and her two sisters Natasha and Claudia in my hometown, Cheshunt.

When I arrived at the venue, I was surprised by how many women were swarming in.

The class is insanely popular, with an average attendance of 45 people per session - impressive considering the sisters only began teaching Clubercise in October.

Once the glow sticks were handed out, the lights were turned off and the club classics started blaring out of the speakers.

At this point my friend Hannah and I started giggling like a couple of over-excited teenagers. We didn't stop laughing until the hour-long class was finished.

Instead of the awkward atmosphere I'd feared, the lack of light actually made me feel less self-conscious.

You can see the instructors at the front because have extra lights attached to their clothes and you can see the person directly next to you - that's about it.

If you want to take the class easy, you can. Or if, like me, you like to leave a class looking like a sweaty pig ready for roasting, you can do all the moves full out.

Nobody can really see you, so who cares! But that's also the downside - sometimes it's a bit difficult to see exactly what the instructors are doing, despite them wearing extra lights.

I go to a lot of dance classes and am used to trying to emulate the teacher's moves exactly, so this took some getting used to.

But once I got into the swing of things, I realised that it didn't really matter if I was doing the moves in the exact same way as the instructors. Clubbercise is not about how you look, it's about how you feel - and I sure felt like I was getting a decent workout, even if I was improvising a bit.

I think my friend Hannah summed up the mood perfectly: "You know on a night out when your favourite song comes on and you think it's the BEST THING EVER. It was like that, but for a whole hour."

Clubbercise is great if you're the kind of person who refuses to leave the dance floor on a night out.

I'd highly recommend going with one of your besties. By the end of the class, I'd smiled so much my cheeks were hurting as much as my legs.

Clubbercise classes run nationwide and entry fees vary depending on location. The GNC Group Fitness Clubbercise session costs £5.