Assault Rifle, Machine Gun And Rocket Launcher Recovered By Police After Bromley Street Fight

Police Stopped A Street Fight In London And Recovered An Arsenal

An "AK47 style" assault rifle, a "WWII machine gun" and a rocket launcher were all recovered by the police after a street fight in south east London.

Metropolitan Police officers were called to a street fight of around 10 men in East Street, Bromley at around 4.30am on Sunday, having spotted on CCTV that one of them was holding what looked like an assault rifle.

The men dispersed when police arrived but they tracked the man with the weapon to a nearby address. Firearms officers entered the address and five men were arrested and three weapons seized.

Specialists examined them and found they were al decommissioned and unable to fire.

Two of the men arrested, aged 32, and 41, and were taken into custody at a south London police station on suspicion of firearms offences. They remain in custody at this time. The other three were "de-arrested", the police said..

A Met spokesman said: "Although the weapons were not capable of firing, the presence of firearms in a public place causes panic and fear of violence."


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