Mars Rover Opportunity Lifts US Flag To Mark 11 Year Anniversary

11 Years On Mars And Going Strong

NASA's Opportunity rover has spent the past 11 years exploring Mars. It has travelled further than any off-Earth vehicle, covering 25.9 miles and has outperformed its mission capabilities by over 10 years.

When it first landed NASA had given Opportunity a short three month mission life, since then it has spent the last 10 years proving NASA wrong.

To mark its 11th year, NASA moved Opportunity into position atop 'Cape Tribulation', a small section of the larger Endeavour Crater that spans 14-miles in width.

Once there they were able to take this stunning panorama, showing both the rim of the crater and the endless sea of rock that falls between.

To mark its 11 years, Opportunity is seen raising the US flag in its own way. The flag in fact is a tiny emblem printed onto one of Opportunity's arms.


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