Opportunity rover

After no sign of life from the robotic explorer since June 2018, NASA has called it a day on Opportunity's Martian mission. Intended to last only three months, the Mars Opportunity Rover provided data on the red planet for almost 15 years.
"Oppy outlived its mission lifetime by 14+ years."
To celebrate the fact that Mars rover Opportunity is now back online and fully functioning, the robot has captured this stunning
NASA's Opportunity rover has spent the past 11 years exploring Mars. It has travelled further than any off-Earth vehicle
With all the attention going to the Curiosity rover it's sometimes easy to forget the veterans that have also been scouring
Nasa's incredibly long-lived Mars rover Opportunity has produced yet more amazing science - more than nine years after it
The ageing Mars rover Opportunity has found evidence that the conditions for ancient life once existed on the Red planet