#RuinAWeddingIn5Words: These Could Make Or Break Your Wedding Day

Rubberball/Mike Kemp via Getty Images

Weddings are stressful: you've got the bride who's been wired since 6am (and is currently freaking out over a stray curl), the best man who's trying to remain calm (but is secretly pulling his hair out about the impending speech) and the groom who is just taken aback by the sheer enormity of the event - and not to mention the cost.

But while some weddings can be ruined by a cascade of bad things, some manage to undo the happy occasion a lot quicker.

The #RuinAWeddingIn5Words hashtag sets out to find the most inappropriate things to say at a wedding. And, we have to admit, these guys have done Twitter proud.

*Makes a mental note to cull them from any future wedding invitations*