28/01/2015 07:15 GMT | Updated 28/01/2015 07:59 GMT

Rupert Murdoch Baffles World With Mysterious 'Po' Tweet

Ageing media mogul Rupert Murdoch posed a complex riddle on his Twitter feed on Tuesday night.

No, the octogenarian was not musing on The Sun’sPage 3 controversy(that was last week), Winter storm Juno or the IS hostage crisis.

At 12.51am, he simply had this to say: “Po.”

Murdoch’s missive was retweeted more than a 1,000 times, with many guessing what he was attempting to say.

Was it…

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Meanwhile, Gawker presents unsubstantiated evidence the 83-year-old often tweets while drunk.

Twitter user Anthony Rooney responded to Murdoch’s mysterious “Po” tweet with the revelation: “There’s a person I know in a senior position at News UK who tells me they know RM is often drunk when he tweets.”

He later tweeted: “The wife of the Sun editor is on my quiz team, She says RM’s often shitfaced pissed when tweeting and the editorial staff worry…”

Gawker sleuths point out that though Rooney deactivated his account, he had been following and exchanging tweets with an account that appears to belong to the wife of Sun editor David Dinsmore.

The gossip website also raises the existence of other Murdoch tweets which could – or could not – point to intoxication (though one reading @rupertmurdoch could indicate that the media mogul was simply “doing an Ed Balls.”)

Murdoch for his part, has since tweeted: “Believe Gawker, believe any nonsense.”