Top Secret Stealth Bomber Teased During Super Bowl Advert

Stealth Bomber Teased During...The Super Bowl?

Aviation company Northrop Grumman has potentially teased its terrifying new stealth bomber during -- believe it or not -- a Super Bowl commercial.

The 30 sec advert which aired during the Super Bowl, showed the company's previous stealth bombers including the iconic B2-Spirit, ending with an as-yet unseen craft that was covered up.

Showing off military hardware is nothing new for large aviation companies, indeed even UK-based BAE isn't above showing its hand when it revealed the unmanned stealth fighter Taranis.

Northrop Grumman is currently in a bidding war with Lockheed Martin and Boeing to produce the next stealth bomber for the US Military so don't by any means expect this to be the last time the company draws attention to it.

What's most interesting about the advert however is that judging by the shape of the aircraft, the US Military's next stealth bomber will be manned, forgoing the increasing trend to use unmanned aerial vehicles like the Predator drone.


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