03/02/2015 04:53 GMT | Updated 03/02/2015 05:59 GMT

London Snow Pictures Flood The Internet... But Everyone Is Bitterly Underwhelmed

Stop everything.

Snowmageddon has hit.

Britain was sprinkled with the white stuff this morning, leading to an assault of pictures on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds. Even London was dusted, and clearly tormented people of the capital dutifully documented the magical white wonderland before them.

Yes, it was the first snow in the capital this year, but the bar for snow excitement in Britain is set pretty low.

Despite Met Office forecasters confirming this is a "a light snowfall" that's unlikely to settle, even a faint dusting was enough to merit the speculation that shops would close, the transport network network would implode, and society itself might indeed stop functioning.

One tweeter in London reported seeing someone in a ski suit.

Using these pictures from the recent snow falls in the US, The Huffington Post UK can reveal that British snow may not, in fact, be the most extreme snow out there after all.

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