04/02/2015 04:32 GMT | Updated 04/02/2015 04:59 GMT

UEA Student Launches Worldwide Toilet Finder App

If you find ur-ine desperate need for the toilet while out and about, there's now no need to go potty, thanks to a new loo-finder app.

University student Jake Ruston's latest free piece of software helps people find their closest lavatory as quick as a flush from a database of 100,000 public toilets worldwide.

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  • Unlike your bog-standard app, it really could wipe out a big problem in your life, even letting users add the locations of toilets which aren't already listed.

    Ruston, who studies at the University of East Anglia's School of Computing, said: “I got the idea after making an app for the London underground.

    "A lot of people were asking me to include details of toilet facilities for London, but I decided to go bigger and design something for the whole world.

    But don't pooh pooh his new invention just because he's a student. Ruston's already notched up tens of thousands of downloads on previous projects and confidently expanding his digital media empire.

    Puns aside, it is hoped the new app will be particularly useful for tourists and those with conditions such as Crohn's Disease and IBS.

    You can download his app here.