GoPro Skier Meets 'Lion' On The Slopes Of Deer Valley, Utah, Skis Calmly Past

GoPro videos are carving out a nice niche on the web for terrifying things happening at high speed. But this video of a man skiing at Deer Valley, Utah doesn't quite end how you might expect.

First watch it:



Okay, so here's the thing: it looks like a lion is just hanging out in the middle of the ski run. Alas, it isn't. If you look at it again you'll notice the lion doesn't move at all, and that's because it's a stuffed version that someone apparently put on the slopes as a joke.

A joke that could easily cause someone to crash, which is... hilarious?

Either way, it's this kind of thing that GoPro cameras are pretty much made for. Whether that's a net gain or loss to society, I don't know. (Via Reddit)

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