Red-Haired Revival: '2015 Is The Year Of The Strawberry Blonde Barnet' Says UK Modelling Agency

For a long time now, the ginger-haired among us have taken some serious flack.

But all of that's about to change, as red hair has suddenly become super trendy - or so one modelling agency would have us believe.

Ugly Models has revealed that it's had to sign a handful of new red-haired models due to overwhelming demand.

The agency are predicting 2015 to be the year of the strawberry blonde barnet. And we think they might be right.

Marc French, Chairman of Ugly Models, said: “We’ve seen a huge spike in demand for models with red hair. People like Ed Sheeran, Damian Lewis, Lily Cole and Paloma Faith have led to the UK developing a penchant for gingers.

"People with red hair are the rarest minority in the world. Both parents must be carriers of the red-hair gene in order for their child to be born ginger, but even then there is only a 25% chance of it happening."

French also adds that a recent poll found 25% of women think that ginger blokes are the most attractive and 23% of men prefer a red head over a blonde or brunette.

Move over bland hair colours, fiery red is here to stay...

Devon Mayson

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Ugly Models are working in conjunction with Foxy Bingo.

10. Geri Halliwell 1%

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