‘EastEnders': From Tanya Burying Max Branning To Ian Beale's Homelessness, The Storylines We'd Completely Forgotten... (VIDEO)

Over the years, ‘EastEnders’ has provided us with plenty of iconic, memorable moments.

For instance, there was the unforgettable “you ain’t my muvva!” argument between Kat and Zoe Slater, Dirty Den’s divorce papers, and the Mitchells’ various pub bust-ups.

But what about the other storylines? In the months and years between each ‘Wow!’ moment, the residents of Albert Square have still been there, experiencing their own, admittedly smaller, dramas and problems.

Now, as the soap marks its 30th year on TV screens, we’re remembering the smaller storylines that it’s been easier to forget.

Remember when Minty’s romantic life took centre stage? What about Jane and Ian Beale’s numerous disputes? Finally, let's not forget Tanya Branning, who got revenge on her cheating husband Max in a rather unusual way.

How many of these 14 moments can you remember? Check out the clips below…