Fifty Shades Of Grey Screening Sees Three Arrests In Glasgow Cinema On Valentine's Day

Glasgow Valentine's Day Fifty Shades Screening Ends In Mass Brawl And Vomiting In The Aisles

A Valentine’s Day screening of Fifty Shades of Grey ended in chaos when police entered the cinema to arrest three members of the audience.

The film adaptation of EL James’ bestselling erotic novel was being aired at Glasgow’s Grosvenor Cinema on Saturday.

But the raunchy tale of S&M-loving billionaire Christian Grey and his lover Anastasia Steele was rudely interrupted when a fight broke out.

The film stars Jamie Dorman and Dakota Johnson

A man is believed to have been glassed after he asked a group of "rowdy" women to keep quiet, the Daily Record reports.

Witness Michael Bolton, 33, told the newspaper: “Besides being the worst film I have ever seen, three women were getting arrested and put in a police van when we arrived.

“A woman came out the theatre and said a guy had been glassed. One woman was in handcuffs and another two women were in tears.”

Jamie Dornan (Christian Grey)

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Bolton said he watched the cinema staff wiping the seats clean of blood ahead of the next showing at 8.20pm.

He added: “There were also several incredibly drunk women vomiting in the aisle and corridor and several complaints from the other screen about drunk and rowdy folk.”

A spokesman for Police Scotland confirmed to Huffington Post UK that officers attended a call at the Grosvenor Cinema on Ashton Lane at around 8pm.

He added: “Three women were arrested for alleged disorder offences. Inquiries continue to determine the full circumstances surrounding the incident.”

Herald Scotland reports no one suffered serious injuries in the incident.

The film is a smash hit commercially, taking £4.6million in the UK on its opening night alone - the highest ever box office takings for an ‘18’ certificate movie.


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