11 Things We Learned From 'Ukip: The First 100 Days'

Monday night saw the much anticipated Channel 4 documentary 'Ukip: The First 100 Days'.

And what did we learn from this original piece of TV programming? Well, nothing but we all stayed up especially so let's try and tease something out of it.

Here we go...

1) In a Ukip world traditional notions of left and right have been turned on their head.

2) Peter Snow should be on TV more.

3) Neil Hamilton as Deputy PM is more terrifying than wearing meat underpants in a cage full of feral dogs.

4) Some people didn't quite appear to get the premise behind the show.

5) To be fair, Priyanga Burford was pretty good.

6) Even fictional hashtags can gain real traction.

7) If it did happen it'd probably resemble the brilliant 'Children of Men' (if you haven't seen it watch it NOW).

8) Regardless of who leads us, many Brits will complain about anything even in complete ignorance.

9) Ukip would have to increase NHS spending to deal with a new breed of heart condition.

10) If it had lasted just one day longer things would have got really interesting.

11) But mostly...

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