Oxford's Out Of The Blue Acapella Choir Releases Majestic Wham! Tropicana Cover

First we had Shakira Shakira (and yes, we're still listening to it), then came Mariah Carey, and now Oxford's all-male acapella choir has burst joyfully back into our lives with a majestic Wham! cover.

Lazing on lilos and throwing some serious shapes, the Out of the Blue boys nail Tropicana - with plenty of shakes, shimmies and sassy stares.

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Speaking to HuffPost UK, Charlie Hicks, the choir's publicity manager, said: "The video was great fun to film. We were in Malta for two days of a jam-packed schedule of filming with a team who have previously worked on Doctor Who and Sherlock.

"For me, working closely with them was a really exciting insight into how such a professional production team works. We've got another, very exciting video to be filmed in Paris in the pipeline but there's not much more I can give away about that for now."

Money made from the single will be donated to Helen and Douglas House, a children's hospice. You can donate here.