'UFO Files' Exist Tweets Retiring White House Advisor John Podesta

'UFO Files' Are Very Real Says White House Advisor

The famous 'UFO files' created and curated by the US Government are very real according to one of President Obama's senior advisors.

Counselor John Podesta, who is retiring from his position as senior White House Advisor, tweeted that his biggest failure during his career was failing to secure the release of the legendary dossier that could, once and for all, prove if we have already met extraterrestrial life.

Podesta has a well documented interest in UFOs, indeed as early as 2002 he openly admitted that the US government should start declassifying all its information on UFOs in the interests of scientific progress.

Sadly while Podesta is confident that there's at the very least some hidden secrets waiting to be revealed, former President Bill Clinton is pretty certain that if we had met aliens, we'd almost certainly know by now.

Speaking to Jimmy Kimmel, the former US President revealed that on the anniversary of the Roswell incident, he had teams scour through all the old records to make sure that nothing had been kept secret and yes, he did confirm that they found nothing.

Now of course it's always possible that Clinton isn't actually telling the truth, indeed when asked if he thought alien life is out there he smiled and replied, "If we were visited some day, I wouldn't be surprised."

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