Google Maps may have revealed the landing site of a UFO near to where the Roswell UFO crash took place, or at least that's
The famous 'UFO files' created and curated by the US Government are very real according to one of President Obama's senior
Deep breath, sceptics: a collection of never-before-seen images 'could' finally prove that aliens did indeed crash in Roswell
Mystery surrounds the disappearance of a driver and his passenger after a car accident in Roswell, New Mexico. Medics raced
While the Geek Squad, or IT professionals as the PC (politically correct) brigade would prefer you to address them, have often kept their superiority a closely guarded secret, a study has revealed that these broad-minded individuals believe in extra-terrestrial life forms. Perhaps the language the IT professionals use isn't actually of this planet.
Monday marks the 66th anniversary of the infamous UFO “crash” at Roswell in the Nevada desert. And to mark our visit from
Google has marked the 66th anniversary of the infamous UFO incident at Roswell with an elaborate Google Doodle. The homepage
Who said learning couldn't be fun?! Certainly not John Green of Mental Floss. Yes, the man who recently brought us 50 Common
It's a long way down: Felix steps out from the capsule 24 miles up 17:00 Wednesday 10 October Felix: “Obviously I worked