‘EastEnders' Live Mistake: Jake Wood Makes Joke On Twitter After Tanya Branning Actress Joy Joyner Accidentally Calls Ian Beale ‘Adam'

'EastEnders' Jake Jokes About 'How's Adam?' Live Gaffe

Jake Wood has taken to his Twitter page to make light of the toe-curling gaffe that took place during Wednesday night’s episode of ‘EastEnders’.

During a live segment, actress Jo Joyner - who plays Tanya Branning - was noticeably embarrassed when she mistakenly asked Jane Beale: “How’s Adam?”, referring to actor Adam Woodyatt, rather than his character, Ian Beale.

Yep, we think that face says it all

Jo later revealed she was “gutted” to have made the embarrassing mistake during her return to Albert Square, but that hasn’t stopped Jake, who plays Max Branning in the soap, making light of the incident on Twitter.

Ahead of Thursday night’s dramatic episode - which will finally reveal once and for all who is behind the murder of Lucy Beale - Jake joked that there had been a “rewrite”, posting an image of a fake script.

Jake Wood

In the joke script (or, at least, we hope it’s a joke…) Ian Beale reveals to Phil Mitchell that because of “the pressure and everything”, he’d decided to undergo an impromptu name change, later handing out flyers asking that the residents of Albert Square start referring to him as Adam.

Of course, Jake is no stranger to a blunder on live TV, and on Tuesday night, was accused of “mumbling” by viewers, who were unsure about exactly what he’d said to his daughter, Abi Branning.

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