‘EastEnders' Live Week: Jake Wood Takes To Twitter After Max Branning ‘You Killed Lucy' Line Confusion

'EastEnders' Star Jake Clarifies Live Line Confusion

‘EastEnders’ star Jake Wood has taken to Twitter, following Tuesday night’s episode of the soap, after fans shared their confusion over one of his lines.

The actor and Lorna Fitzgerald, who plays Abi Branning, were starring the final scene, which was a live segment.

There's always at least one slightly fluffed line isn't there?

The closing line say Max tell his daughter, “She [Lauren] knows whether you killed Lucy”, but a number of fans couldn’t quite make out what he was saying, speculating over whether he said “who”.

Jake has now tweeted to clear things up, sharing a number of funny reactions from TV viewers too - and in case you were still in doubt, here's a Vine clip too.

The big reveal isn’t due until Thursday, but in Tuesday’s show there were plenty of developments in the case.

The show also saw Peggy Mitchell return, and the former pub landlady had some words of wisdom for Dot.

Jane’s brother Christian also returned for her wedding, but there was no sign of Tanya Branning, who’s also expected to drop by during live week.

The drama continues tonight (Wednesday 18 February) with another episode containing live elements, ahead of Friday’s fully live episode.


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