19/02/2015 08:00 GMT | Updated 20/08/2015 08:59 BST

Barbers Give Free Haircuts To Homeless And Urge Others To Help In Any Way They Can

When a handful of LA-based barbers offered to give local homeless guys a trim, they never could've expected the amazing transformations (and responses) that would come from it.

hair transformation

Talking to HuffPost UK Lifestyle, filmmaker Tyler Bridges said: "A few things inspired me to do this - I think first and foremost its the way people (in general) perceive individuals suffering from homelessness. I think they're perceived as something that is "beneath" the average person - so I wanted to do something to show others that they really aren't that different - they're just like you and me.

"And the purpose of the video was to raise awareness for homelessness. It's heart-breaking to see the lives that some of these individuals live on the streets and a lot of these people really need a hand up. I'm not saying that more donations or giving out more food is the answer for homelessness - more along the lines of 'Hey, let's get people talking about this' - and if we can get people talking - we can then start putting our heads together about how to help in the best way possible."

Watch and see for yourself...


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