'The gist of the man's complaint is that he never knows when he will be interacting with the "traditional woman" or the "independent woman". '
'Youth activism is critical in this challenging era, when Africa is both the youngest continent and the poorest.'
'The Nazi regime and apartheid are concrete forms of the abhorrent totalitarian ideologies of the first half of the 20th century.'
'This won’t just make things better for a few isolated players in the local tech sector, but for South Africa as a whole.'
'The ANC hates education. It has given up on quality. It has given up on maths and science,' says the writer.
'Like a marriage proposal, the ANC will offer us a future. Should we accept their offer?'
'South Africa is a republic, and the Constitution and the rule of law are the supreme law of the republic.'
Pop musicians have always commented on social issues – and the newest crop of hit artists are no slouches at protest songs.
Some advice for the new Springbok rugby captain... which includes the imperative to have fun.
'This is the ideal time to harness Africa’s innovation potential and mobilise our people to act.'