'Let Her Go!' Frozen Fan Tries To Steal Giant Elsa From Shop But Dad Isn't Having Any Of It

How did this dad react when his toddler daughter attempted to "steal" a Frozen doll from a shop?

"Let it go!" (Obviously).

As we all know, Elsa dolls are the world's most in-demand toys and this little girl was determined she wasn't going to miss out.

So while out shopping with her dad in the States, the young girl grabbed hold of an Elsa and wouldn't, you know, let it go before trying to drag the doll out of the store.

Clearly this was a moment that simply had to be caught on camera, so dad whipped out his smart phone and filmed the cute youngster as she gripped hold of the box – which is bigger than her - for dear life.

Negotiating with his daughter, the dad can be heard saying on the video, which was uploaded to "Daddy doesn't have the money for it right now" and "Can't daddy buy a TV instead?"

But the little girl continues towards the shop's exit, replying to him aggressively: "Stop, let's just take it" and, in reply to his request to buy a TV: "No, we already have one – A TV in the living room."

The video concludes with her heading down an aisle as she tries to give her dad the slip.

Of course, the girl isn't alone in her love of Frozen.

The 2013 Disney release holds the record for being the highest grossing animated film in history.


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