Robot Feeds Marathon Runners Tomatoes As They Run

There is a lot of technology around designed to help runners get the most out of their workouts. There are also a lot of absurdly over-sold gels, bars and tablets on the shelves to keep your energy up on longer jaunts.

Finally, someone has combined the two.

This Japanese-designed 'Tomatan ' concept, built not coincidentally by Japanese ketchup company Kagome, wants to feed you tomatoes as you make your way around a marathon course.

The 18-pound machine will add a fair heft to your load, but it comes with a handy lever to distribute a lovely ripe tomatoes whenever you require feeding.

“Tomatoes have lots of nutrition that combats fatigue,” Kagome’s Shigenori Suzuki told AFP.

So look, let’s all just admit that this is an advertising gimmick and makes no sense. But isn’t there a part of you that wishes something like this actually existed?

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