NASA ISS Space Walk Live: Watch Humans Walking In Space


aA week after a bunch of people who will almost certainly never go into space were hailed as pioneering space explorers, two actual humans are walking in space -- and you can watch it live.

NASA astronauts Barry Wilmore and Terry Virts are completing the 6.5 hour spacewalk -- the second of three scheduled walks -- to finish routing cables in preparation for two new docking adapters due to arrive at the space station later this year. To this point astronauts have spent 1,159 hours and 8 minutes building and maintaining the ISS, over 185 spacewalks.

Boeing’s Crew Space Transportation (CST)-100 and SpaceX’s Crew Dragon will use the new docking adapters to deliver astronauts to the ISS when commercial flights start by the 2020s.

Watch the spacewalk below: