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Earth is a world composed of water but we have now just discovered that we have ocean worlds all around us. Some which could possibly harbour life. So what is it about water that is so life giving?
aA week after a bunch of people who will almost certainly never go into space were hailed as pioneering space explorers, two
Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream NASA's 'Mars spacecraft' Orion has splashed down in the Pacific Ocean following
NASA has been forced to postpone the first launch of the Orion space craft, humanity's ticket to Mars. The unmanned test
A shell company owned by Google has spent $1 billion on a massive airfield and hanger in Silicon Valley - and no one seems
A set of mysterious pictures of the Sun uploaded to NASA's servers have caused a furore in the UFO-hunting community, for
Nasa has said that humanity will find direct evidence that we are "not alone" in the universe within 20 years. The pronouncement
If you know anything about Nasa, it might not be a surprise that they once tried to invent jet shoes. What might surprise
NASA has unveiled its annual look back at the Earth from orbit. The video includes clips from its orbiting space ships of
A mysterious white light seen on the surface of Mars has been labelled evidence of life on the Red Planet... by someone who