The AIBO Dog Is Dead And Japan Is In Mourning

Everyone's Favourite Robot Dog Is Dead

Kofuku-ji temple chief priest Bungen Oi is offering a prayer for the thousands of AIBO robots around the world that are now without a lifeline.

Sony has finally cut official support for the iconic robot leaving owners and fans in a state of mourning at the demise of everyone's favourite robot pet.

AIBO was first launched in 1999 to worldwide acclaim. It was hugely expensive costing well over £1000. Sony has updated the AIBO a number of times making them more intelligent, agile and -- most importantly -- cheaper.

In 2006 however Sony announced that it would stop making the dog but would offer continued hardware support to owners.

Without Sony's official support owners will have to try and make repairs themselves or try and have them fixed by the handful of repair shops that are skilled enough to maintain the hugely complex robots.

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