27/02/2015 06:41 GMT | Updated 27/02/2015 06:59 GMT

'Thunderbirds Are Go!': Lady Penelope Gets A Modern-Day Makeover (And A Cute Pet Pug) As More Photos Are Revealed From The Reboot (PICS)

Now we know that as the years roll on, things need to change and adapt to keep up with the times, but we must admit we got a shock when we saw new photos of Lady Penelope from the reboot of ‘Thunderbirds’.

Gone is the old-school glamour that Lady Penelope was seen in during the original series, and instead she’s been given a contemporary makeover, with her new CGI incarnation wearing some strappy sandals and a dark green dress.

Yes, we’re discussing the style evolution of a marionette-turned-CGI-cartoon. What of it?

Lady Penelope and Parker

One thing that has remained from the original series of ‘Thunderbirds’ is her pink Rolls Royce, while she’s also been given a new companion in the form of a jumper-clad pug dog.

Her driver, Parker, has also been given a modern look for the new series, though we’re pleased to see his resemblance to Noel Gallagher is still very much prevalent.

Another character’s new look has also been unveiled, with Brains evolving from a classic nerd to, essentially, a Ken Doll in blue glasses.

What? We fancy Brains from 'Thunderbirds'? No, of course we don't. We don't. We definitely do not

The reboot ‘Thunderbirds Are Go’ will begin airing on ITV later this year, with Oscar-nominated actress Rosamund Pike providing the voice of Lady Penelope in the new series.

Lady Penelope’s original voice actress, Sylvia Anderson, hasn’t been given the boot, though, and instead will be voicing a completely new character.

Last month the first image from ‘Thunderbirds Are Go’ was unveiled, with some critics claiming the new characters were too “scary-looking” for kids’ TV… and bore too strong a resemblance to One Direction!

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