Girl, Gabi Mann, Feeds Crows In Her Garden And They Bring Her Gifts In Return

A little girl in Seattle has nurtured a beautiful relationship with crows in her garden.

Gabi Mann, 8, feeds the birds and in return they bring her gifts as shown in the footage above.

Among her collection of presents are earrings, paper clips, various nuts and bolts and all manner of other shiny things.

Gabi's most prized gift is a pearl-coloured heart. She told the BBC: "It's showing me how much they love me."

The strange ritual began in 2011 when Gabi would regularly drop food by accident. the crows grew wise and eventually a group of the birds - a 'murder' - would gather waiting for her to drop food when they saw her.

These days Gabi and her mother deliberately place food in their garden as the crows assemble.

After they've eaten, the food will be gone and in its place will be the little gifts.

Her story has been told in a podcast called The Bitter Sweet Life, a preview of which you can hear below...

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