Global Warming Debate Finally Ended By Impeccable Logic Of US Politician James Inhofe

US Politician Destroys Scientific Consensus On Global Warming

NEW YORK -- The debate about global warming is over. The hoax has been exposed, the conspiracy revealed.

Thanks to the impeccable logic of one brave Republican politician, the scientific consensus, which postulates Earth's climate system is warming through human activity, has finally been toppled.

Speaking at the Senate on Friday, James Inhofe, who is the chair of the Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee, exposed decades of meticulous scientific research… by bringing a snowball into the chamber.

That’s right –- a snowball. After a blizzard blew through Washington D.C., Inhofe picked up some snow, crafted into a ball and tossed it while speaking in the Senate, thus disproving the concept of anthropogenic climate change.

In short, climate change isn’t real because it is currently very cold.

It's been a lively couple of months for scientific breakthroughs. In February, a Saudi Arabian cleric redefined astronomy in the 21st century by revealing the Earth does not rotate around the Sun.

Also in February, Inhofe's fellow Republican Scott Walker was cruelly mocked in London for refusing to say whether he believe in evolution.

More recently, Conservative MP David Tredinnick suggested the NHS could use astrology to treat its patients, while branding anyone that doesn’t believe in it "racist".

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