“What if the ex-president commits murder — then he can’t be charged? That seems weird, right?"
11 Senate Republicans voted against a motion advancing $40 billion in assistance to Ukraine for its ongoing war with Russia.
HuffPost spoke to Black Voters Matter co-founder LaTosha Brown on Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation hearing and how what “we're seeing is both sexism and racism play itself out.”
The nation's top infectious disease expert said moving forward too quickly “would actually set us back."
The Alabama Senate passed a bill which close to bans abortion in the state, making the procedure only available if a woman’s health is at serious risk. The punishment for doctors performing abortions is 99 years or life in prison. Senators rejected an exception for rape and incest. The bill has been written with such strong terms so that it will be challenged and pushed to the Supreme Court. Since the swearing in of Brett Kavanaugh the bench of judges has a conservative majority. The Supreme Court ruled that abortion was legal across the country in the landmark Roe v Wade case in 1975. Bills like this seek to overturn that ruling, to give states the right to decide their own abortion laws.
Democratic checks and balances were put in place for a reason – and this week we saw them in action