Dakota Johnson's ISIS Skit On 'Saturday Night Live' Stirs Up Controversy

US comedy show 'Saturday Night Live' has come under fire for a comedy sketch featuring 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' star Dakota Johnson.

The clip aired on 28 February, and parodies a famous American advert showing a father, played by Taran Killam, dropping his daughter off at the airport as she goes to join the Army.

It all seems quite normal until Dakota Johnson turns to her father and says: "Dad, it's just ISIS."

She climbs into a white pick-up truck emblazoned with Islamic State flags, with her father staring at one of the gun-wielding terrorists and saying "take care of her", to which he responds "death to America".

Needless to say, large number of people weren't too happy with the joke.

Killam responded by hailing the "freedom to mock":