Justin Bieber Twitter-Begs Seth Rogen To Join Comedy Roast: 'I Was A Boy When You Called Me A Piece Of S***, Now I'm A Man'

The Biebs Begs Seth To Join Comedy Roast

Justin Bieber is not exactly playing it cool with regards to his forthcoming comedy roast, and has now resorted to begging comedians to take part on social media.


It was announced last month that to coincide with The Biebs turning 21, Comedy Central would be throwing a roast in his honour, where greats from the world of comedy would throw jibes in his direction.

The ‘Beauty And A Beat’ singer seems ready to be the victim of the comedians’ taunts, and has even tweeted Seth Rogen publicly, asking him to take part.

Justin Bieber

In the past, Seth has been pretty vocal about his disdain for Justin, branding him a “bit of a motherf***er” after meeting him on a German talk show, and later calling him “a piece of shit” on Twitter, after he was arrested last January for driving under the influence in Miami.

Despite all of this, Justin seems determined that Seth should be one of the comedians to roast him, even pleading with him on social media to take part.

Seth Rogen

Calling himself Seth’s “biggest fan”, he tweeted the ‘Superbad’ actor on Monday night, claiming he was just a “nervous kid” when they first met, adding: “Now I’m a man.”

Things then took a turn for the embarrassing as he threw in a hash-tag for good measure.

Seth himself is yet to reply to Justin’s pleas, so it’s not known whether he’ll be joining the likes of Kevin Hart and Jeff Ross at the Justin Bieber Comedy Roast later this month.

To promote the upcoming roast, the pop star has recorded several teaser trailers - all with his top off, of course - including one where he was pelted with eggs in slow motion, in reference to the “egging” incident which later saw him charged for criminal damage.

Justin Bieber performs on the street August 20, 2007 in Stratford, Canada. (Photo by Irving Shuter/Getty Images)

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