03/03/2015 05:27 GMT | Updated 04/03/2015 03:59 GMT

Every Day Is Mother's Day On The Twitter Account 'Texts From Mum'

According to its creator Steve Lee, the Twitter account @textsfrommum started life during "the lull between Christmas day dinner and the evening's parlour games".

"The idea was simple, my brother (@davelee) or I would tweet any text messages that we received from our Mother, who at the time was using a phone so basic that charging it was an annual activity," explains Lee.

The resulting Twitter feed is both utterly delightful and completely recognisable to anyone whose mother is A Certain Age and thus texts in BLOCK CAPITALS using a a style which can probably only be described as MUMSPEAK.

Steve and Dave's mum texts them about dinner options -

Weekend arrangements -

(Although sometimes those arrangements aren't always clear)

And who among us hasn't promised to help their parents with their computer problems?

Or had a parent looking out for our welfare?

Mr Lee also gets the occasional mention -

Steve and Dave's mum watches the Brits -

And 'The Apprentice' -

She celebrates Halloween (sort of) -

And likes going to the movies -

We do indeed love you for that, Mrs Lee. Keep up the good (texting) work!

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