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Ayesha Ali's Father's Tears Over Shocking Murder Rant Phone Call

A woman and her lesbian lover are facing years behind bars for torturing, abusing and finally killing her eight-year-old daughter while in the grip of a "sophisticated web of lies and deceit" on Facebook and in text messages.

Polly Chowdhury, 35, and Kiki Muddar, 43, were on trial at the Old Bailey for the murder of Chowdhury's daughter, Ayesha Ali, at their home in Chadwell Heath, east London, in August 2013.

ayesha ali polly chowdhury kiki muddar

Polly Chowdhury, left, and Kiki Muddar

Ayesha's father Afsar wept in court as jurors were played a shocking phone call in which Muddar ranted about killing the child.

She described the innocent eight-year-old girl as "evil" and a "witch" to her friend Hemma on July 3 2013 - a month before the killing.

The court heard that she recorded all the calls she had made from January 2013 onwards using an app on her telephone and she kept some 41,000 texts.


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Here is the full transcript:

Muddar: Kill Polly's daughter. I'm not even joking. I'm not joking I'm going to f*****g kill her. Seriously, Hemma, you will never f*****g see me again.

Hemma: What happened?

Muddar: I'm f*****g going to kill her. I swear to God I'm going to f*****g kill her. I'll f*****g strang. I will drown her in the f*****g bath.

Hemma: Why do you say that? I've never heard you (inaudible).

Muddar: I f*****g that c***. I will f****g drown that witch. Seriously I'm going to kill her. I'm going to f*****g kill her Hemma and I'm going to go to prison tonight.

Hemma: (inaudible).

Muddar: Seriously I'll f*****g kill her. I will f*****g kill that bitch.

(Background music).

Hemma: (Inaudible).

Muddar: Seriously I'll f*****g kill her. I will f*****g kill that bitch.

(Background music).

Hemma: (Inaudible).

Muddar: She's just. She's a f*****g whore that's what she is. She's a f*****g waste of space. She wants her mum dead.

Hemma: She's not all there.

afsar ali

Afsar Ali, Ayesha's father

Muddar: Yeah, she's been f*****g fasti, she's give me so much lip. She's been screaming in my face 'I hate you'. She don't want me to live here. I'm going to f*****g kill her. I'm actually going to f*****g kill her.

(Background music).

Muddar: I'm actually going to kill her.

Hemma: She's (inaudible).

Muddar: I've text my cousin Jimmy and I've said "Do you know what, ring the police, get the police to Polly's house, because I'm going to f*****g kill her now."

Hemma: Is she that bad?

Muddar: She's, I tell you what she's, she's possessed, there's something evil in her.

(Background music).

Muddar: So you take care of yourself.

Hemma: What, what's Polly doing?

Muddar: She's telling her off now.

(Background music).

Hemma: Why is she acting like this?

Muddar: Because she's evil, she's evil. She is actually evil.

Hemma: Has she been playing up all day?

Muddar: She, she's like that every f*****g day Hemma. I've never in my life ever, ever wanted anyone dead, never except for her, never.

(Background music).

ayesha ali

Ayesha Ali

Muddar: She's basically said "I'm not doing nothing. I'm not going to clean up. I'm not doing nothing". She don't want to do nothing. She's happy to see her mum dead.

Hemma: What has drove her so crazy?

Muddar: She has, she has a wee, right, she has a wee and she puts toilet paper on the side of the toilet, can't even put it in the loo.

(Background music).

Hemma: Are you serious?

Muddar: Yeah, she can't even wipe her own f*****g arse. She shits the f*****g bed because she can't be arsed to wipe her own arse.

(Background music).

Hemma: It sounds like she need like to, like to (inaudible).

Muddar: She needs to be f*****g killed.

(Background music).

Muddar: I've never had anyone, I've never been fuming with anyone in my life like I am with her. Never, ever, ever.

(Background music).

Muddar: She's got this stare on her, like there's pure evil inside her.

(Background music).

Hemma: Inaudible.

Muddar: I'm shaking so much.

Hemma: You should go out for a walk (inaudible).

Muddar: I'm, I'm going for a walk.

(Background music).

Hemma: Inaudible.

Muddar: I need to get out of the house.

Hemma: (Inaudible).

Muddar: Everyone else has been trying so hard, do you know that?

(Background music).

Hemma: Yeah.

Muddar: So bloody hard, but she is just evil, she's evil. I've never met, I've never met a child like her in my life ever, like ever ever ever.

(Background music).

Muddar: That ain't the half to wish your mum dead, because she's asked to make her bed and to clean the sink after her.

Hemma: Inaudible.

Muddar: Yeah. I looked at her bed and there was all shit in her bed, all dirt, there was all dirt in her bed.

(Background music).

Hemma: Inaudible.

Muddar: No, where are you?

Hemma: No, just at home.

Muddar: Oh, what time are you leaving?

Hemma: Erm, just a few minutes?

Muddar: Ahh! All right, listen I better get back. Er, er I , I probably am going to kill her.

Hemma: Inaudible.

Muddar: Do you know what I don't know right now, I need to get out because I'm going to do something I'm going to regret and I'm not even joking.

(Background music).

Hemma: Yeah (inaudible).

Muddar: I'm not even joking, but I'll text you in a bit all right.

Hemma: Okay, yeah, let me know what you do.

Muddar: All right I will do.

Hemma: Yeah.

Muddar: All right.

Hemma: See you.

Muddar: All right, bye.

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