04/03/2015 07:37 GMT | Updated 04/03/2015 08:59 GMT

PMQs Today Without The Shouting: 4 March 2015

PA/PA Wire
Prime Minister David Cameron during Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons, London.

Oh, joy. It's Wednesday. Time for every MP to flock to Parliament for half an hour of cheering, jeering and general boisterousness.

Here's what happened without all the shouting.

Ed Miliband brought up the Tory failure to keep an immigration promise from 2010:

So Dave got hold of a copy of their manifesto and just started reading it for two minutes:

Literally nothing new happened:

And here's something that definitely didn't happen:

Despite starting off well, Ed slumped quite a bit:

The Deputy PM had a face like a schoolboy four hours away from the summer holidays:

And Gideon looked a bit of a mess, as per usual:

There was the normal back-and-forth about TV debates, and it got nowhere:

And obviously every live-tweeter had this exact tweet copy-and-pasted ready (and needed it about 15 times):