Student Only Realised She Was Attracted To Women After Friend Changed Tinder Preferences As A Joke

Syra Johal and Grace Goddard always considered themselves to be straight, until they started using dating app Tinder.

It was only when one of Syra's friends changed here preferences to "likes men and women" as a joke that she got to chatting with bar worker Grace and realised a huge amount of sexual chemistry.

The 22-year-old Cardiff Met student joined Tinder after coming out of a three year relationship, but didn't find any potential suitors attractive until a few women started to pop up.

Grace, 24, and Syra, 21

"I thought one girl had accidentally slipped through, but when more kept coming up on the screen I assumed there must be something wrong with the app," Syra told The Sun.

"About a week later I was with my friend Jess, and when I showed her what happened she burst into laughter.

"That’s when she came clean and told me she had changed the gender preference on my profile. We giggled about it and I didn’t think anything else of it."

Grace had never been with a woman before but changed her Tinder settings because she was curious

But Syra and one of her matches began chatting the way friends would about eyebrows and movies, bonding and moving towards more serious conversation.

"As Grace and I became more flirtatious, I realised I didn’t just fancy her, I liked her on a much deeper level," Syra said.

"For a while I was confused, but then realised it didn’t really matter to me that she was a woman."

"I admit I was surprised at how excited I was when Grace first messaged me," she said.

"I’d never thought of girls that way before. I’d always had boyfriends so didn’t expect to feel the way I did when chatting to her.

"Once we met and realised how much we fancied each other, we’d got over the whole girl-lesbian-bisexual thing and realised that you like who you like, regardless of gender.

"Still, it was new to both of us, so it was a little daunting.

"I’m glad I got a push to explore that side of my sexuality - even if it was meant as a joke."

Syra and Grace have been going strong since September last year.