Ukip Candidate Mandy Boylett Has Recorded A Brilliant Abba Cover

A Ukip MP Candidate Has Recorded A Brilliant Abba Cover

A Ukip parliamentary candidate has performed her own "celebrate the purple" version of Abba's hit Chiquitita. And it is brilliant. Mandy Boylett, Ukip PPC for Stockton North, uploaded the video to YouTube in November.

"David Cameron tell me what's wrong. Your MPs don't really want you. In the eyes you're still in love with the EU," she sings. "David Cameron tell me the truth. Because you can't keep on deceiving. You're MPs, they will really keep leaving."

Boylett's lyrics also take at the incumbent Labour MP. "Alex Cunningham you're going to cry," she sings. "Alex Cunnigham you and I know. How elections come and go, but this time you're leaving."

Boylett, 50, who is active on Twitter as well as YouTube, will be hoping the song will help her overturn Cunningham's 6,676 majority.

Here is the (inferior) Abba original for comparison.

Here are the lyrics in detail:

"Your MPs don't really want you

"In their eyes

"You're still in love with the EU

"Oh that 1.7 billion

"There is no way you won't pay it

"I can see that you think that we won't notice.

"David Cameron, tell me the truth

"Cos you can't keep on deceiving

"Your MPs

"They will really keep on leaving

"You were always sure of yourself

"Now I see you've lost your direction

"Saying, yes Angela (Merkel), will lose you the election."

As the song picks up, Boylett who studied Statistics at Bath University and is a pilates instructor and aerobics teacher, starts to dance as she lays in to Cunningham.

She sings: "Alex Cunningham, you and I know

"How elections come and they go but this time you're leaving

"You'll lose your safe Labour seat

"To the Ukip girl

"You will have no time for grieving

"Alex Cunningham you're gonna cry

"Because Stockton North is turning purple around you

"Over 30 years neglect will come to an end

"And we'll celebrate the purple

"Thirty years will come to an end

"And we'll celebrate the purple

"So the walls came tumbling down

"Your campaign's a blown out candle

"All is gone and it seems too hard to handle

"Alex Cunningham tell me the truth

"There is no way you can deny it

"With yet another smear to try to keep me quiet."

Cunningham, who won Stockton North over the Conservatives in 2010, said he had not watched the clip.

He added: "I'm not going to waste my time listening to her silly songs".

Chris Daniels, Conservative candidate, said: "I am sure it is an amusing stunt but, like the rest of Ukip, she's just making it up as she goes along - exactly like they do with their policies.

(H/t to Guido Fawkes for spotting the video)


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