Apple Watch: The Funniest Twitter Reactions


It was the moment we'd all been waiting for. Well, some of us.

Yes, an Apple Live event took place on Monday -

But what was #AppleWatch going to involve?

Sadly not. Nor was it about this...

Or this...

But it did involve this...

And, of course, the unveiling of... THE APPLE WATCH!

That's right. And no, the Apple Watch doesn't look like this:

Nor does it look this:

There was great discussion of the Apple Watch apps and features:

There were some concerns about the battery life:

And even the fact that Christy Turlington ran a half-marathon using one didn't persuade everyone:

Plenty of people had issues with the cost:

Especially the cost of the gold version:

All in all, Twitter remained decidedly underwhelmed...

Because what will the Apple Watch really bring to our lives?

And despite tweeters remaining alert...

There were still plenty of unanswered questions:

As with most things in life, we think it's probably best to give Douglas Adams the final word:

Well, exactly. So long and thanks for all the gadgets, Apple.

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