Nine-Year-Old Jessica Brett Receives 'Balloon Treatment' And Grows New Skin To Replace Birthmark In UK Medical First

Jessica Brett was born with a mole covering half her head that doctors feared could be untreatable if it became cancerous.

So in a UK medical first, medical experts inflated four balloons under the nine-year-old's scalp to grow more of her own skin in that hope that it could replace the birthmark.

After six months, enough excess skin was created for the balloons to be removed and the mole successfully cut out.

"It was a long process, but Jessica showed us the strength with how brave she has been and her courage," Jessica's mother Becky said, according to the Telegraph.

"She wore a hat, but then sometimes she would go out without it. Everyone is so proud of her. She just embraced what she has been through. She's ever so brave."

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Jessica Brett Balloon Treatment

Jessica , from Lincoln, was born with the large birthmark on her head, which is medically known as a pigmented melanocytic nevus. The condition affects just 1% of the UK population.

Bupa advise that although most moles are usually harmless, occasionally a type of skin cancer called melanoma can grow in or near a mole.

Moles at risk of melanoma are usually removed with ease, but a simple procedure was not possible for Jessica because her mole covered such a large area.

It is believed the balloon procedure has been used just once before in America, and has never been attempted before in the UK.

Jessica has now cut her hair in the style of her favourite pop star, Jessie J.

"Although Jessica has scars, they are quickly fading and she is looking forward to growing her hair out again," said Becky.

"She's been amazing throughout this whole journey, taking it all in her stride with a huge smile on her face."

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