Kanye West And John Legend Perform ‘Gold Digger' In Previously Unseen Video (WATCH)


Kanye West is the star of a previously unseen video that’s been published online, but the rapper isn’t exactly the super slick star he is now in the clip.

The video, first spotted by a Reddit user, sees Kanye sporting a Reese’s slogan t-shirt and backpack, while performing ‘18 Years’, a track that would later become ‘Gold Digger’.

The performance took place in 2002, a year before Kanye’s debut album ‘The College Dropout’ was released.

And yes, that is John Legend with a mini-'fro playing the piano.

Of course, in the 13 years that have passed since this performance, Kanye’s undergone a superstar transformation and you've got no chance of catching him rocking a slightly dorky cap at Paris Fashion Week.

Watch the video clip above…

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