Bon Jovi Fan Gets 'Jon Bovi' Tattoo Riddled With Spelling Mistakes

A Bon Jovi Fan Just Got The World's Worst Tattoo

Some people live to regret their tattoos, but even if you've got a pointless Nando's logo enshrined on your bum, you'll feel better looking at this piece of body art.

This image, posted to Reddit, proves that you shouldn't get drunk with a tattoo artist, especially not while listening to Bon Jovi.

Is it real? We can't tell. The post's author claims it's her boyfriend's ink - and she's forced to see the enraging typo every day.

Awkward. He might want to get that removed, but it'll be very unpleasant.

YouTube channel Smarter Every Day initially brought us the fascinatingly disgusting slow-motion video of getting a tattoo.

Now they're back and they're showing the other side of it, getting a tattoo removed, using lasers.

It's an incredible process when you think about it. Tattoos essentially only exist because the granules that you put beneath your skin are too big to be broken up by white blood cells.

Well the only way to get rid of a tattoo is to disintegrate those granules into much smaller chunks, small enough that white blood cells can then engulf them.

The rest is basic biology with your liver doing the rest of the hard work to then process that 'alien' material.

While that sounds easy enough there's a catch, and the catch is that the only way to destroy those granules effectively is with an ultra short-pulse laser.