USB-C: The Iconic USB Cable Is Dead, This Is What's Replacing It

If you happened to watch the Apple launch event on Monday you would have seen the unveiling of Apple's stunning new MacBook.

One of the reasons it's particularly stunning is the revelation that it's just 13.1mm thin. To keep it so thin, the new MacBook is one of the first devices to use the new USB-C standard.

Yes, the old USB cable is being replaced. After years of good service the USB is now too big and too slow.

With Apple's lightning connector, micro USB and thunderbolt all offering alternatives, the decision was made to bring everything back under one roof again.

USB-C is a third the size of your bog standard USB cable, it's also completely reversible so you won't have to go around fiddling under a desk to make sure it's in the right way round.

There's other good news too, it's much much quicker. USB 3.0 offers transfer speeds of up to 5GBps, well USB-C supports USB 3.1 so you'll be getting speeds of up to 10GBps.

Finally -- and this is a big one -- it can support a much higher power output so you'll be powering phones, laptops and more.

An Apple Watch Edition could also pay for...