Guy Inserts Himself Into Street Fighter And Becomes A Video Game God

We've all stared out of the window at some point and daydreamed about being someone else, whether it's as a superhero, a spy or just a badass video game character.

The thing is, that's all it ever is, daydreaming. Unless of course you're this guy, who used a tonne of special effects and some seriously impressive film editing know-how to turn himself into the ultimate "Street Fighter" character.

Blending the game with real-life, YouTuber 'Amazing LP神奇的老皮' rather handily gives himself the powers of every superhero from "The Avengers", including Iron Man's weaponised glove and Thor's hammer 'Mjolnir'.

While some might call that overkill, we call it good sense. If you're going to become the star of your own video game, you might as well be a god.