5-Year-Old Girl Transforms Into Inspirational African American Women In Black History Month Project

To mark Black History Month, photographer Marc Bushelle and his wife Janine Harper wanted to teach their daughter about some amazing women from the past and present.

Inspired by photographer Jaime Moore's project Not Just A Girl, the couple took beautiful pictures of five-year-old Lily posed as their African American heroines.

The portraits tell the stories of women from different fields and all walks of life, which is exactly what HuffPost UK Lifestyle's campaign All Women Everywhere is about.

Here's Lily as author and Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison..

Here she is as Mae Jemison, the first African American woman to travel in space...

And here she is as singer and model Grace Jones...

While having fun playing dress-up, mum and dad taught Lily about each of the women she was representing.

Speaking to, Harper said: "We hope that by making these associations early we will instill a strong pride in her that will fortify her against any discrimination she may face in the future."

The photos have been so popular on Facebook that the couple are extending their project beyond Black History Month and have started to take requests from parents wanting similar pictures of their own children.

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