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It isn't about being confident in a bikini, it's about addressing the shame, embarrassment and lack of knowledge that women routinely experience when something goes wrong inside their pelvis (ovaries, womb, cervix, vagina) or between their legs (the vulva). This is body shaming of a different kind - internal, specific to women's reproductive health and genitals.
Amal Clooney recently gave an important speech to the UN, condemning their apathy to the atrocities committed by ISIS. From
I'm guessing if you hadn't safely been locked in your van and instead passed me in the street you probably wouldn't have said a thing. But your catcall was just another reminder that as a woman I could be just one step away from a stranger accosting me in the street, one step away from a sexual assault and, god forbid, a step away from rape and my life being in danger.
Each one of us has a role to play in achieving gender equality. We can all be agents of change by acting as catalysts for positive transformation through everyday activism, and by taking a stand against prejudice and mistreatment whether it is on our doorstep or far away.
'The more that we can do to help parents in their decision making processes the better.'
On the one hand, there's a risk that power is handed to people who don't represent the communities they claim to. On the other, we have the opportunity to re-evaluate our democratic processes and institutions, and make sure gender equality is designed in from the start. Let's choose the second; it is the twenty-first century, after all.
For 50 years, the Smallpeice Trust has been working to get more humans of both genders into STEM. Its methods, attitude and
I think more in the fitness industry needs to be done to promote different ethnic minorities to show everyone is welcome no matter what you look like or what your background is. Until then, I am going to do my part posting pictures me at every fitness event I do. If it encourages one more person to take part, then I'm happy.
all women everywhere Whilst there is some support for student parents out there not many recognise the complex needs of each individual family and how one differs from the next. We know that information provision for student parents is poor currently and that's why support for student parents is more than just better funding, it's complex and can change on a case by case basis. From accessing facilities, accommodation, flexible full time studying and robust maternity and paternity policies, we must work towards a fairer system for all student parents.
all women everywhere It's time to think bigger - the best entertainment always needs the mix of male and female - can you really host a great party with mainly just men attending? There are huge opportunities for women in motorsport, we just need to raise awareness, change perceptions and open the door to the female talent ready to take their place in the paddock.