Election 2015 Was Not Boring, It Was Really Stupid And Here Are 21 Pieces Of Proof

21 Of The Stupidest Moments From The 2015 Election Campaign

Some people have complained the 2015 general election campaign has been boring. They are wrong. While the leaders have tried as hard as possible to avoid the public as well as tough questioning, there have still been plenty of memorable moments to enjoy. Here are 21 of the stupidest.

1. Pink Bus

Harriet Harman is driving a 'One Nation magenta' bus around the country in order to convince more women to vote Labour. Unfortunately the colour of the bus was deemed patronising and sexist by some. And rather than highlighting the need to engage women in politics, Labour spent the week arguing over the meaning of the colour pink. Defending the bus, Harman told The Huffington Post: "Well, it doesn’t have big eyelashes on the front." Which, to be honest, is a shame. That would be fun.

2. George Osborne's penis-finger

George Osborne visited a brewery. The chancellor unfortunately [fortunately] created what is without doubt the most horrifying penis-photo-that-doesn't-actually-contain-a-penis-photo of all time.

3. ChuckleVision

Celebrity endorsements are useful for political leaders - sort of. But celebrity criticism is even more handy for the opposition. In early February a Labour councillor branded Ed Miliband a "hapless Chuckle Brother". Then this happened on BBC Daily Politics.

4. Make it stop

The Green Party has saw its poll ratings and membership surge over the course of the election campaign. And the party reacted with glee to being included in two of the planned televised election debates. However joy turned to, err, umm, something else, after party leader Natalie Bennett stumbled through, a, cough, sorry I'm coming down with a cold, interview on LBC.

5. Ed Miliband's kitchen(s)

Ed Miliband's wife, Justine Miliband, gave an interview to the BBC. Part of the interview took place in the couple's kitchen, which was then criticised in the Daily Mail for being too spartan. Only it turned the Miliband family actually have two kitchens in their North London home. What else are you hiding, Ed?

6. The Ukip tide

Ukip's spring conference in Margate was, compared to the Mark Reckless-defecting carnival of Doncaster, somewhat subdued. However step up chief press officer Gawain Towler and parliamentary candidate Sam Gould. Having painstakingly etched "we love Nige" in to the sand, Gould then got stuck as the tide started to come in. Luckily Towler was on hand to haul him safely up and away from the water.

7. Bill 'Somebody' votes Labour

The Conservatives decided to hammer Labour for being anti-business. Whether it is true or not. To hit back at the claims Ed Balls went on Newsnight to display the party's pro-business credentials. But he came unstuck when he was unable to remember the surname of "Bill", a prominent business backer. "Bill Somebody" was born. And he votes Labour.

8. George Osborne's tax avoiding eyebrows

With another tax avoidance row hitting the headlines, the Conservatives tried to focus attention on the the finances of Labour donors rather than Tory trade minister Lord Green. Much squirming in the Treasury however after a video emerged of a 2009-era George Osborne cheekily advising views of the BBC Daily Politics how to avoid tax. "I probably shouldn't be advocating this on television," he said. No, probably not. And neither should your waggling eyebrows.

9. Ed Balls refusing to shake Danny Alexander's hand

The Budget is a very serious business. But also quite dull. The best moment on of George Osborne's final Budget of the parliament actually did not involve him at all. Appearing live on Sky News, Ed Balls and Danny Alexander got into a bit of a ding-dong over debates. The Lib Dem chief secretary to the Treasury tried to get Balls to shake his hand on a three-way debate. But Balls just laughed a lot and made sure he was free of Alexander's grasp.

10. Danny Alexander's yellow Budget box

Danny Alexander had a good idea to present an alternative Lib Dem Budget the day after the real Budget. But it did not go to plan. Hardly any Lib Dem MPs turned up, John Bercow told him off, Nick Clegg scarpered after about 10 minutes and everyone started making fun of him with internet memes.


The TV debates did not happen in the way everyone initially hoped they would. But in the end, they were quite engaging. Jeremy Paxman's brutal grilling of Miliband and Cameron was particularly memorable. And the Labour leader's "hell yes" exclamation rattled TV sets across the country. You can also get the slogan on a t-shirt if you want. If you want...

12. F**k off back to Eton

There has been a lot of justifiable complaints about the election campaign being too controlled. The leaders, it is said, did not go out and meet the public enough. But to be fair, when they did, people started singing rude songs about them on tiny instruments.

13. Liberal Demo-cats

Joey Essex got education about the election. A lot of people sneered, which was a bit unfair. And he actually got some good answers out of Nick Clegg. The fact he thought the party was called the Liberal Demo-cats isn't that important really.

14. A hen party mobbed Miliband

The problem with Ed Miliband was that he was really weir... oh hold on. A hen party is taking selfies with him. Now he is really cool. What a few weeks earlier would have been a disaster, ended up being a triumph.

15. Can someone turn him off and on?

During the first TV debate that Nigel Farage took part in a lot of the other leaders ganged up on him. Which at one point caused the Ukip leader to malfunction.

16. Ed's debate stumble

It's ok. You've got through a bruising encounter with the Question Time audience. Oh god don't fall over!

17. 'Career defining' election

Now an election is about the careers of the party leaders. But if you are one of them, you are not actually supposed to say that out loud.

18. Milibae: The Movie

Ed Miliband, image transformed, became an unlikely sex symbol. Like obsessive teenage One Direction fans, people wanted to know why the media wouldn't just LEAVE, ED, ALONE. #Milifandom was born. Here is a video to explain what it was all about.

19. Are you pumped?

"Taking a risk, having a go, that PUMPS ME UP." The prime minister was told it looked like he simply did not want to win enough. So he came racing out of the gate in the final weeks of the campaign all excited. Also, there were no longer any chairs allowed at campaign events which meant everyone had to stand up. Looking pumped.

20. West Villa

David Cameron forgot which football team he is supposed to support. Which is always bound to happen when you aren't really that bothered about football. He blamed the mistake on a Natalie Bennet-style "brain fade". The prime minister says he supports Aston Villa. But accidentally asked people to back West Ham. Easily done.

19. I Clegg your pardon?

"Hi, I'm Nick Clegg, leader of the Lib Dems and deputy prime minister. So let's play, 'I Clegg your pardon?'" Ok then. Good fun from Clegg in the face of a potential dire election result. He read out mean tweets about himself including someone exclaiming "holy shit look at the size of Nick Clegg's hands" and calling him a "shit".

20. #EdStone

Ed Miliband literally carved his election promises into a giant slab of rock. He was going to put it in the Downing Street garden. But now it seems no one actually knows where it has gone, even though given its size it should be pretty hard to lose.

And despite (or because of) all the above, the most exciting thing is that no one really knows who is going to win. So for 21. here is a bit of stupid brilliant from Sky News.


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