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6 Nap Hacks You Need In Your Life To Make The Most Of Sleepy Time

6 Nap Hacks You Need In Your Life

Napping isn't just for babies, toddlers and students you'll be no doubt pleased to know, a quick snooze has been proven to boost creativity, performance and alertness.

But while many of us will have developed our own well-rehearsed nap routine over the years - removing your bra is a must - there's always bound to be room for improvement.

The nap lovers over at Buzzfeed have been looking through sleep studies to devise six napping hacks to help any serious nappers to get their snooze on.

Tip one: Snuggle up

Your body loses heat when you sleep, so use a blanket to prevent the cold from waking you up. There's nothing worse than waking up chilly.

Tip two: Nourish yourself

Certain foods help you get to sleep easier. Try milk, almonds, porridge (oatmeal to our US neighbours) or cherries to help you drift off.

Tip three: How to avoid deep sleep

If you don't want to fall into a deep sleep, try sleeping propped upright (or just set an alarm)

Tip four: Limit interruptions

Make sure you drown out noise and light to get a better sleep. And if you can't guarantee keeping your housemates/kids/pets quiet, reach for those trusty earplugs.

Tip five: Time yourself

Not all naps are created equal. Different length naps give different results.

10-20 minutes can to boost energy and alertness

60 minutes will help you remember new information

90 minutes could improve creativity and memory

Tip six: Have a swig of coffee before you hit the hay

If you need a serious energy boost, drink coffee before catching those Zzs. It takes 15-20 minutes for coffee to metabolise. This means that when you do rouse from your sleep, you'll be left feeling really energised