Twiggy Fights Ageism In Fashion: 'Women Can Wear Leather At Any Age'

Twiggy has made a rallying cry for women 'of a certain age' not to feel pressured into 'dressing for their age'.

"I refuse to say women of certain ages should not wear certain things. It’s all about how you wear it," Twiggy said at the launch of a Government-backed report on ageism in the workplace last week, reports the Daily Mail.

"It makes me crazy when I read magazines which say 'if you’re a teenager wear this, if you’re 30, wear this, if you’re 40, wear this'. I did a photo shoot recently in skinny jeans, a black leather jacket and back-combed hair and it was brilliant."

The 65-year-old model was speaking at the launch of a report by Dr Ros Altmann which found many older workers are being shut out from recruitment, training and promotion. She told the reception at the House of Commons she had been fortunate enough not to experience ageism in her own career, but realised not everyone was so lucky.

Earlier this year Twiggy was announced as the face of L'Oréal, and is acutely aware she's helping to widen the definitions of beauty represented in advertising and fashion images.

Twiggy's style is not only ageless, it is also timeless.

Twiggy: Rare Vintage Pictures

Twiggy: Rare Vintage Pictures