When Is The UK Solar Eclipse?

When Is The UK Solar Eclipse? The question everyone is asking...

With Europe's largest solar eclipse since 1999 about to descend on the UK it's likely that you're going to want to see it.

You're in luck. Read on to find out when the total solar eclipse is, how long it'll last for and the best places to watch it:

When is the total solar eclipse?

The UK window will take place on the 20 March 2015. The moon will start crossing over the sun at 8:45AM with the total eclipse then taking place at 9:31AM. Normal daylight will be resumed at 10:41AM.

Where can I watch it?

Sadly if you're in the UK you're not going to see the total solar eclipse. This can only be seen (without the use of a boat) in the Faroe Islands or Svalbard.

That's not all bad news, if you're in the UK you can expect a visibly impressive partial eclipse that'll be most prominent in Scotland and then decreasing in strength the further south you go.

Scotland will lose as much as 94 per cent of its daylight while London will lose a small-but-no-less-impressive 84 per cent.

How can I watch it?

With extreme caution. Staring directly at the sun is one of the easiest ways to cause huge damage to your eyes. A lack of pain sensors in the eye mean you won't even notice the damage you're doing until it's done.

Use a dimming lens if possible. These can be bought online or if you're lucky at a local museum or observatory.

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